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Acetal delrin virgin black 1 X1.75 X19.625" (1.8#)

Please note that the weights in the pictures (Last set of numbers in brackets) are in Kilograms. The weights in the listing have been converted to pounds.
DO NOT ALLOW THIS PRODUCT TO HEAT UP PAST 200F. It will outgas ammonia, a toxic gas, AT LETHAL LEVELS.
Acetal plastic (sometimes known by the trade name "Delrin") is a very hard plastic that is valued by machinists because it can be machined to tolerances of .001". It is more slippery than UHMW Polyethylene. It can be machined with any metal- or woodworking tool. (woodworking tools should take tiny cuts per pass - this stuff is HARD).
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Acetal delrin virgin black 1 X1.75 X19.625