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Hydraulic flow regulator valve 1/4" bsp 350 bar 15 l/m

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* Adjust flow speed in one direction. Flow free in the reverse one.
* Temp -10 +100 degrees celcius
* Suitable for all hydraulic applications.
USE AND OPERATION - This valve is used to adjust flow speed of actuators in one direction, flow is free in the reverse one. As pressure compensation is not provided, flow adjustment depends on pressure and fluid viscosity. High adjustment sensitivity.
APPLICATIONS - Connect V to the presure flow and C to the actuator to set; flow is adjusted from C to V and is free in the reverse direction. When used on actuator with double pilot check valve, VRFU has to be mounted between the actuator and the double pilot check valve. Flow adjustment is made by rotating the aluminium hand knob after loosening the side locking screw. This configuration allows an accurate and sensitive adjustment.
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Hydraulic flow regulator valve 1/4