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Zagar tool "engineering manual," specs & drawings, 1950

Zagar Tool, Inc., 1950 "Engineering Manual," 36 pages plus cover of Tools for Industry and Special Machinery Data Sheets with drawings and specifications. See detailed description below photo of interior "Shop Shots" and typical page.
* 8-3/4" wide by 11-1/4" tall "folder" with data sheets stapled inside. 33 pages of data sheets, 2 pgs price list, plus cover. Late 40's design, green and white cover, black and white interior data sheets. Cover has what looks like remains of the shop clerk's candy bar on it, and is a little shop-soiled in addition, but not otherwise in bad shape. Interior pages were printed on uncoated paper and are in nice condition.
* Cool graphics on the folder cover: The Zagar logo and that curvilinear thing the cover has going. Neat!
* Check out the women at their machines... these data sheets were produced during the Rosie the Riveter era. (see photo above, there are several other "shop shots" pages in this piece that feature the women who stepped in to industry during the war.). This collation of data sheets was put together in 1950.
* Info sheets with specs on: Collet indexing fixtures; collet holding fixtures; vertical-horizontal fixtures; collet lathe chucks; air collet fixtures; collets and pads; multiple spindle drilling and tapping heads; heavy duty special drilling machinery; acoustic tile drilling machinery; special applications machinery using Zagar Drill Feeders and Gearless Drill Heads; jig driller; opposed horizontal drilling machine; 20" and 36" horizontal broaching machines; 20" and 36" stroke keyway broaches & adapters.
* Great vintage reference material, the reverse of each data sheet has "Shop Shots" which is where the practical applications are shown, lots of shots of the machinery in use.

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