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New 50" cnc mill-vmc, victor 2063DCM rigid he

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50" NEW CNC MILL-VMC, Victor 2063DCM Rigid He
50" NEW CNC MILL-VMC, Victor 2063DCM Rigid He
A Multiple Function 3-Axis CNC Mill with Manual Handwheel Operation,
Machine Guidance Operation, Teach-in / Playback CNC Operation, and
Fully Automatic CNC G-code, M-code, T-code, and S-code Functions
Machine Travels: 50"X x 25"Y x 24"Z
Quill Travel: n/a (Rigid Head)
Feed rates: 0.01 ~ 200.0 in/min variable by program input
Rapid traverse: X & Y axis = 400 in/min, Z-axis = 300 in/min
Spindle Taper: CAT40 (BT40 is optional)
- The main machine body is made from Meehanite casting for excellent
- Double wall working table & rigid saddle structure provides
- Both side of the saddle are coated with TURCITE B for smooth
- The saddle, slideway, and table are hardened and ground to ensure
- Automatic lubrication system for all ballscrews and sliding ways to
keep high precision of the machine: X-Y axis 20 lube points and Z axis
- Y-axis slideway and ballscrew protected by telescoping steel shield
- Z-axis ballscrew covered by telescoping spring guard to protect against
- High accuracy C-5 grade ballscrews for X/Y/Z axis (32/40/40mm dia)
- High rigidity one-piece CNC spindle head. (Quilled head available on 1654DCM.)
- Air Power Draw bar standard - optional ATC System
- Vector Frequency Drive for spindle motor - excellent torque
- All FANUC system with Fanuc AC brushless servo motors & drives
- Four electronic handwheels for manual or automatic operations
- Hardware overtravel limit switch for all travel directions
- Automatic spindle jog during gear changes makes gear shifts easy
- Halogen work light - Fully integrated to allow for CNC control of
- Coolant System - Fully integrated to allow for CNC control of
- Table guard w/ front sliding doors
- Bottom chip and coolant drip pan
- Set of leveling pads, screws, and nuts
- Set of wrenches for operating machine
- Set of Programming, Operation, and Maintenance manuals
- Full one year parts & labor warranty on machine
- One year warranty on Fanuc 20-FA CNC
- Fanuc 20-FA Industry Standard CNC
- Optional control choices: Fanuc 20i-FA, Centroid M-400, Anilam 5300M
- 9” monochrome monitor & 44 key keypad
- 3-axis (X ,Y, & Z) digital readout screen
- Simultaneous 3-axis interpolation
- Manual operation via four (4) handwheels
- Machine guidance operation via handwheels
- Conversational graphics programming
- Teach-in / Playback operation: manually run 1st part, then Playback for
- Automatic generation of G-code from Geometry data during teach in operation
- Simultaneous multiple M-code processing (Up to 3 M-codes)
- 6 CNC Modes: MEM, EDIT, MDI, Machine Guidance, Manual/handwheel, Ref Return
- 8 Auxiliary CNC Modes: Dry Run, Single Block, Optional Blk Skip, Z-Axis Cancel,
Aux. Function Lock, X-Axis Mirror Image, Y-Axis Mirror Image, Manual Handle Interrupt
- Manual Interrupt of automatic operations: Handwheel Interrupt and Spindle Interrupt
- Diameter / Radius programming
- Absolute and incremental programming
- Inch / Metric input and display
- On-line calculator function to aid in data input
- On-line help pages to aid you in the CNC operation
- On screen tool path graphics to verify part program
- User programmable “Software Travel limits” to limit the travel for X , Y& Z axes
- Intelligent hardware travel limits - only stops movement in the over-traveled
- Inch / Metric feed rate input: inch/min or mm/min
- Gear indicator lights on status panel
- Auto spindle jog during gear changes
- Spindle load meter: 0% - 180% of rated load
- Supervisor key lock switch for disabling parameter and program modification
- Conveniently mounted machine Control Panel - E-Stop, Playback, Start, Stop
- Aux. Functions on Control Panel: work lamp and coolant
- Spindle control on Control Panel: forward, reverse, stop, & speed dial
- User selectable Jog / Feedrate override profiles: Linear or Exponential
- Auto/Jog feedrate override: 0% to 200%
- Spindle override: 50% to 150%
- Rapid Traverse override: 12.5%, 25%, 50%, & 100%
- Incremental / continuous jog for X, Y, & Z axes
- Intelligent Bi-directional home search for X ,Y, & Z axes
- Multiplier switch for handwheel sensitivity: 0.0001”, 0.001”, & 0.01”
- CNC “RUN VERIFY” by Joystick or handwheel for all automatic operations
- Easy one touch X, Y, & Z Part Coordinate System setting
- Full CNC control of coolant on-off functions via M-codes
- Full CNC control of work light on-off functions via M-codes
- Three coordinate systems: Machine, Absolute, & Relative
- Program storage 63 part program storage
- Scaling, Rotation, and Mirror functions
- Run-Timer / Parts Counter function
- Ballscrew pitch error compensation (for Laser Calibration)
- Single direction positioning (optional)
- Helical interpolation (optional)
- Background Program Editing (optional)
- Spindle Orientation (optional)
- Custom Macro B programming language (optional)
- Built-in RS-232 port for loading/unloading of part programs and other CNC data
- 32 Tool length offsets & diameter offset data locations (64 offset data
- Self diagnostics with error messages on screen
- Table Guard w/ Front Sliding Door
- Built-in flood coolant system
- Metallic slideway and ballscrew covers
- Quadruple (4) electronic handwheels
- Variable speed head (CNC controlled)
- 10” Horizontal / Vertical Manual rotary table
- 12” Horizontal / Vertical Manual rotary table
- 14” Horizontal / Vertical Manual rotary table
- Boring head, shank & set of boring bars
- Remote control pendant handwheel (X, Y, Z, & MG Axis)
- SMW RT-160 CNC Rotary Table (Ø6.3” faceplate, 85 Lbs capacity)
- SMW RT-175 CNC Rotary Table (Ø6.9” faceplate, 120 Lbs capacity)
- SMW RT-225 CNC Rotary Table (Ø8.8” faceplate, 160 Lbs capacity)
- SMW RT-275 CNC Rotary Table (Ø10.8” faceplate, 220 Lbs capacity)
- SMW RT-325 CNC Rotary Table (Ø12.8” faceplate, 460 Lbs capacity)
- SMW RT-375 CNC Rotary Table (Ø14.7” faceplate, 460 Lbs capacity)
(All Rotary Table prices include manual tailstock, control
interface, CNC software / installation)
- Upgrades for the 1654DCM (Rigid Head)
- Carousel type ATC - 20 Tools
- Tool Holders for NMTB40/ CT40 / BT40 (Specify type when ordering)
- Ø 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4” Tool Holders (Priced each, specify size
- Various diameter collets (Priced each, specify size when ordering)
For tool holders & accessories that are not listed above, please call
- DNC Drip Feeding Software Full Version (IBM/PC)
- Single Direction Positioning
- Custom Macro B Programming Language
- Upgrade to 64 Tool Offset Data Locations (32 standard)
- Centroid M-400 CNC option (No Charge)
- PG-X2 Card for Closed Loop Vector Spindle Control (Faster Response)
- Sets of User Defined M-Code Pairs
- Spindle Orientation Option - (Yaskawa MC5 Inverter)
- Fanuc RS-232 Cable 50’, 100', 200', 300'
- Complete set of Victor DCM Operational Manuals Standard
- “On-the-Machine” Training at Victor HQ (Los Angeles)
- Additional set of Victor / Fanuc Manuals
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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