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New mdc gv-1500M-p-03 uhv 1-1/2" vacuum gate valve, ss

NEW in Original Packaging: MDC Vacuum Products GV-1500M-P-03 Ultra-High Vacuum Circular Gate Valve (Part Number: 303001-03)
Comes with what you see in the pictures. If you don't see it, you probably wont get it.
Specifications are from MDC and may vary slightly due to upgrades, options, or revisions this unit may or may not have.
The unit is new surplus from Intel.
List Price is: $1,055.00 NEW from MDC (with option 03: Air Control Solenoid Valve)
Link to the Dimensional Drawing: MDC GV-1500 Series Valve Drawing
The Unit's Serial Number Tag Reads:
* VitonĀ® O-Ring Sealed Gates
* Stainless Steel Construction
* Electropneumatic Operation
Series: UHV (Ultra-High Vacuum)
Body, Carriage & Gate: 300 Series Stainless-steel
Bellows: AM-350 Stainless-Steel
Air-Cylinder: Bolts: 300 Series Stainless-Steel
Electropnuematic Actuator Specifications:
Air Pressure: 70 to 100 psig
Air Control Valve: 410 Series Humphrey Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Power: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4 W
Leak Test: 2 x 10-10 cc/sec of He
Temperature Range (Bakeability) Specifications:
For More Pictures Please Click the Following:
* Picture 2 - Serial Number Tag

New mdc gv-1500M-p-03 uhv 1-1/2