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Classic ic's:(50) 74HC251 1 of 8 data selector mux

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of new RoHS compliance, most electronic distributors have CEASED stocking many classic integrated circuits. These items may shortly become impossibly difficult to find. Not to mention outrageously expensive.
Items listed are definitely not RoHS compliant.
FORTY EIGHT sets of FIFTY chips remaining.
We picked up great heaping bunches of apparently unused and well cared for classic integrated circuits and related component parts still in antistatic tubes from the ATT Belden cal lab bankruptcy and others. Some of these are extremely hard to find; others were jellybean commodities. Chips are guaranteed servicible. Unless requested otherwise, we will cut the tubes to simplify packaging.
Offered here are two tubes of twenty five (50 chip total) 74HC251 one-of-eight data selecting multiplexers. Also usable to form ANY logic function of four or fewer variables.
New old stock in antistatic tubes. Brands may include TI or Fairchild. Date code is often 1999.