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Titan dx premium contact cement for wood veneer

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Titan DX™ Waterbased Contact Cement
Titan DX will permanently bond paperbacked and wood-on-wood veneers to any porous substrate including particle board, MDF, plywood, and drywall. In addition, it works with decorative laminates and leather!
There's no denying that contact cement has been a hot topic among professional cabinetmakers. In many parts of the country, OSHA has forced cabinet shops to halt the use of solvent based contact cements. These shops are now required to use a non-toxic and environmentally friendly contact adhesive instead. Until now, there has been no decent alternative. The issue with most water based contact cement is the lack of durability.
One company stepped up to the plate to fix this problem and developed an impressive water based contact cement that performs as well as the solvent based types. There is a lot to love about this adhesive. It has a long open-time. It's non-toxic. It's affordable. It doesn't fill your shop with hazardous fumes. And most importantly, it bonds like nothing else I've seen. The manufacturer has offered the product to us for the website. I have thoroughly tested it with paperbacked and wood on wood veneers and the results were simply astounding. Try it once and you'll agree that there is nothing like it.
1. Surfaces to be bonded must be free from moisture, dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants. Both the adhesive and surfaces to be bonded should be at 65° F at the time of bonding. Lower temperatures will slow the rate of drying and may affect the quality of the bond.
2. Shake gently before using.
3. Using a brush, glue roller, short nap paint roller or spray equipment apply one even coat on each bonding surface. An additional coat may be required on very porous surfaces, but should not be applied until the first coat is dry. A clear, glossy coat is the visual indicator that the adhesive is dry. Any cloudy areas indicate incomplete drying and any dull areas indicate insufficient adhesive.
4. Allow both surfaces to dry before combining. Drying normally occurs 25-35 minutes after coating. Drying times are affected by humidity, thickness of the adhesive application, and temperature. Make bonds as soon as possible after drying.
5. Position the pieces carefully, since a permanent bond is made instantly upon contact. Use sufficient pressure with a scraper tool to insure complete mating of the surfaces. A handheld pressure roller is not recommended. A scraper tool provides greater contact strength.
6. Completed panel may be machine immediately.
Coverage: 100 square feet per quart / 200 square feet per half gallon
Clean Up: Use warm, soapy water
Storage: Store in a dry area at 60° F – 80° F
Compatibility: Titan DX is compatible with most stains and finishes including lacquer, conversion varnish, and polyurethane.
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