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national instruments labview 6I (1) cd only

LabVIEW® is short for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench. It is a powerful and flexible instrumentation and analysis software system that runs on PCs using Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintoshes, Sun SPARCstations, and HP 9000/700 series workstations running HP-UX.
LabVIEW® is a program development application, much like various commercial C or BASIC development systems. However, LabVIEW® is different from those applications in one important respect. While other programming systems use text-based languages to create lines of code, LabVIEW® uses a graphical programming language, G, to create programs in a flowchart-like form called a block diagram, eliminating a lot of the syntactical details.
LabVIEW® uses terminology, icons, and ideas familiar to scientists and engineers. It relies on graphic symbols rather than textual language to describe programming actions. You can learn LabVIEW® even if you have little or no programming experience, but you will find knowledge of programming fundamentals helpful. If you are brand new to programming or have forgotten some things, you may want to go over some basic concepts in a good beginning programming guide.
LabVIEW® delivers a powerful graphical development environment for signal acquisition, measurement analysis, and data presentation, giving you the flexibility of a programming language without the complexity of traditional development tools.
LabVIEW® is an open environment designed to make interfacing with any measurement hardware simple. With interactive assistants, code generation, and connectivity to thousands of devices, LabVIEW makes gathering data as simple as possible.
LabVIEW® has more than 450 built-in functions designed specifically for extracting useful information from any set of acquired data and for analyzing measurements and processing signals.
LabVIEW® provides tools for data visualization, user interface design, Web publishing, report generation, data management, and software connectivity.
> Fuzzy Logic Control Toolkit for LabVIEW/BridgeVIEW - v5.0
> Labview 4.1 GPIB Driver Addon for Win9x
> Labview 5.0 Advanced Analysis 32bit
> Labview 5.0 Application Builder
> LabVIEW Joint Time Frequency Analysis Toolkit
> LabExpert 2.2.1 For Windows95/NT
> LabWindows/CVI Instruments Addon
> LabWindows/CVI - IMAQ Vision driver for MRT Videoport
> NI-DAQ 4.8.5 for LabWindows/CVI
> PID Control Toolkit for LabVIEW/BridgeVIEW - v5.0
> LabVIEW Istrument Driver Standards
> Automated Analysis of Ultrasound Images
> Four Practical Applications of Joint Time - Frequency Analysis
> LabVIEW and BridgeVIEW. G Programming Reference Manual
> Function and VI Reference Manual
> Data Acquisition Basics Manual
> Relese Notes Ni-Daq for PC Compatibles Version 6.9.X
> Ni-Serial. Serial Hardware and Software for Windows User Manual
All software programs are tested on PC using Windows 98 and XP.
MIN System Requirements: Pentium I / RAM 64 MB.
The CD contains 700 MB of useful information. If you install all features and drivers you’ll need 400 MB on your hard drive.
All programs come with necessary codes.
$ 9.95 US to Canada and USA, $ 14.95 US Worldwide