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16 " bar sealer die cast sealer w free heat blower

16 " Bar Sealer Impulse Die Cast Heat Sealer With Free Heat Blower!
Seal poly bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without having to wait for warm up. Materials up to 16" wide and 10 mil thick can be sealed. The seal width runs at 2 to 3mm. Equipped with a plug-in electronic timer. The timer controls the sealing time needed for different materials' thickness. Automatically beeps when seal is done. Once the timer is set, it will give a consistently flat seal. Easy to operate. Simply set the timer, insert bag between the sealing bars, press down, and release.
Benefits: 1. All you need to get started. This one piece unit allows you to set up a roll of shrink film and seal all in one step. This is the next evolution from the hand sealer! 2. Free Heat Blower Included!!
5. Easy set timer controls sealing time for different material thickness. 6. Quality is top of the line! Replacement parts are available and easy to replace.
Timer, element, Teflon cover, and Teflon adhesive are easily replaced.
All sealers come with a 1 year part & labor warranty except the usable parts.