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Code 62 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" flange hydraulic crimp on

NEWNAN HYDRAULICS...HOSES MADE AND REPAIRED!!!!....Gates, Weatherhead, Kurt Fittings....Adapters and Quick Disconnects
Here are just a few of the things that we carry
2,4,6 wire hydraulic hose( available in all sizes), Pressure washing parts (hoses, guns, wands, tips, quick disconnects, etc.). DOT approved hose (Weatherhead H069), Adapters (Pipe, JIC, Boss O-ring, Flat Face, Male and Female), Flat face Quick Disconnects for bobcat, skid steerer, etc. Suction hose, A/c Hose and some a/c fittings, Synflex hose (available in all sizes) Non conductive hose (available in all sizes) Crimp on fittings (Kurt, Weatherhead, Gates) straights, males females, 90's, 45's long or short, Pipe, JIC (standard and SAE), Boss O-Ring, Flange, Flatface, Caterpillar, Code 61, Code 62....WHEW.....I could go on and on.. You name it I have or can get it. Did I mention Lay flat (fire house hose), Air fittings, compression fittings, cam and groove type fittings, Air hose, Pro-tec-to wrap. Seriously I could go all day but I wont.. Just give me a try and you will NEVER need to go anywhere else. Specialty items, Custom Hose orders and Stock orders are surely welcome.

Code 62 1-1/4