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Gould & goodrich 1" leather belt size 36

Gould & Goodrich 1" Leather Belt Size 36
Excellent (Item been used - Functions 100%)
Gould & Goodrich 1" Leather Belt Size 36.
We have been selling surplus equipment and doing business consulting for many years. Most of our items have not been used by us personally. We have many sources which we acquire inventory. We do our best in our professional subjective manor to classify and describe the item accurately. Due to the diversity and volume of products we deal with we cannot be experts with every item we sell, we try our best. We use the following condition code chart to best classify item(s):
Indicates new condition; all other conditions indicated used
Indicated certified working condition and excellent cosmetic condition
Indicates certified working condition with cosmetic blemishes or missing components that do not affect operability
Indicates power-on tested, operable, but not certified for operability
Indicates inoperable but many be repairable and/or missing components
Indicates inoperable and not repairable. Components may be missing
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Gould & goodrich 1