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Titanium 6MM (1/4") tube coil 4"od heating cooling

I am selling a crude handmade titanium tube coil, suitable for saltwater fish tanks, heat exchangers or similar heating/cooling applications. The 6 millimeter OD (0.4 mm wall thickness) titanium tube was bent by hand into a coil with 4 inch outer diameter. The end leads are 15 inches long. The picture shows an inch ruler for scale. The material is soft and would allow shape adjustments by hand or with suitable tools. I must warn, however, that you would not get a tighter diameter than 3 inches without risking sharp bends on the tube that would block the flow. This titanium tube is not really suitable for tighter coils than 3 inch diameter.
The weight of this material is about 40 grams per meter (12 grams per foot). The total weight of the coil is 71 grams.

Titanium 6MM (1/4