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Hs-100 autobagger

This HS-100 Excel bagging system is a fast and reliable machine, capable of packaging up to 70 bags per minute. This unit is intended to feed, open, seal, and separate poly bags. The bag is opened by a pulsed jet of compressed air, filled with a product then sealed. Sealing occurs when the pressure bar compresses the top of the bag against a teflon covered heating element. It is controlled by twin microprocessors, replacing many of the machanical parts typically used in bagging systems. This unit is approximately 15 years old and in good condition.
Height: 32'' to 43'' (81 to 109 cm)
Pass-thru: 2.5'' to 4.5'' (5 to 11 cm)
Bag sizes: 2.5'' W x 6.5 cm to 27 cm W x 55 cm
Bag thickness: 1.5 to 4.0 mil (35-100 microns)
Electrical: 250 watts, 110/220 VAC (50/60Hz)
This unit requires an air supply of 80 PSI.
SERIAL # 93-11-XL168 PART # 591000A1
Please check out this video we made of our bagger.
http:// /v/ojjCwif3zHU&rel=1

Hs-100 autobagger Hs-100 autobagger Hs-100 autobagger Hs-100 autobagger