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Giant 34" toilet paper tissue roll lifetime supply ?

HUGE! GIGANTIC! HUMONGOUS! The 34" By OVER 4" size of this roll of TP will boggle your mind! This is enough tissue here to read the entire dictionary...backwards!
Do you own a remote cabin or a fishing camp, a large business or maybe you need the best gag gift ever?? Can't you just imagine what you can write on the gift card? This is the answer to your every toilet paper need or your practical joke dreams. This will be the largest roll of toilet paper you or any of your friends have ever seen. It measures over 34 inches in diameter and a little over 4 inches wide (this is typical width). This toilet tissue is tightly wound and will last and last and last! You won't pick this roll up with one hand cuz IT IS HEAVY!
There are many places where running out of tissue is a tragedy and where running to the store is extra difficult. This mega-roll IS the answer!

Giant 34