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Emerson wall ventilator direct dr upblast 15" 1/3HP

Emerson Wall Ventilator Direct Dr Upblast 15" 1/3HP
Emerson Centrifugal Belt Drive Wall Ventilator — Wall Mounted Single-Phase 115/230V
15.0 inch Wall Ventilator Direct Drive Upblast 1/3 HP
* Designed to continually exhaust foul air, smoke, fumes, odors
and grease-laden vapors from range hoods and commercial cooking appliances
* All ventilators are UL standard 705 listed power ventilators
* All ventilators are UL listed restaurant exhaust equipment subject 762 (YZHW) and complies with NFPA 96 application requirements allowing operating inlet temperatures up to 300°F (except 8" diameter models)
* Weather resistant spun aluminum construction with steel support braces and backward inclined aluminum wheel
* Junction box mounted in externally cooled motor compartment
* Fully welded venturi to windband eliminates grease leakage
* Fully rolled windband bead for added strength and stability
* Welded curb corners eliminate water entry into ducts or building
* Pre-wired class B insulated ball bearing 60 Hz motor
* Units are speed controllable when wired 115V only (speed controller optional)
* Speed (RPM) shown is nominal and performance shown is based on actual speed of test.
* The Sound Ratings shown are loudness values in fan sones at 5-ft. (1.5M) in a hemispherical free field calculated per AMCA Standard 301. Values shown for ventilators listed are for: Installation Type A: Free Inlet fan sone levels.
CFM Air Delivery @ RPM Shown, 0.125" SP
CFM Air Delivery @ RPM Shown, 0.250" SP
CFM Air Delivery @ RPM Shown, 0.500" SP
CFM Air Delivery @ RPM Shown, 0.750" SP
CFM Air Delivery @ RPM Shown, 1.000" SP
For more information from Emerson please click here is exact replacement for older, Dayton branded equipment.
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Emerson wall ventilator direct dr upblast 15